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Cisco products have always been known as reliable and stable, but IT Redeem presents them in a new light by making them affordable

Keeping your IT infrastructure in line with growth of your business is ongoing challenge for each small or medium enterprise, since premium equipment can sometimes cost a fortune. IT Redeem Systems has a great compromise solution for business owners who find themselves in similar predicament – instead of settling for no name brands, it may be wise to buy original Cisco networking equipment at drastically reduced prices. Our company always keeps a stock of new and used Cisco routers, switches and other professional products, purchased from owners who didn’t need those items any more. The offer may vary from month to month, but you would be surprised by the number of different models you can find with our help, often at prices up to 90% below retail value at the global market.

All Cisco equipment sold by IT Redeem is delivered to new owners only after our team makes sure there are no technical deficiencies and after last bit of inherited data is removed from the system. This way, small businesses can significantly upgrade their local information systems and gain normal functionality from Cisco equipment at a fraction of the normal cost. It is a time tested fact that Cisco equipment can remain fully operational for a very long time and the system purchased at IT Redeem could well serve you through an entire lifecycle before replacement become necessary. Allow yourself to think big and support your company with the best network equipment in the world, creating a base for further development of your business system. Send us a request or simply give us a phone call and we will help you realise your objectives much faster than you ever dreamed of.

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