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Make the most out of your old hardware before it gets antiquated and sell your PC’s and components to IT Redeem

With new generations of advanced IT equipment being launched in rapid succession, it is amazing how much valuable equipment is sitting idly around offices or storage rooms all around the UK. Quite often, fine pieces of high-quality equipment stay unopened in their boxes for years due to a variety of factors, while the owners are forced to take the financial damage. IT Redeem has a much better idea for all unused PC’s, printers, routers or switches – offer to sell them to us while they still have some value and see if the price you can get sounds better than keeping all that stuff in its current place. Even if your PC’s are completely obsolete and/or out of order, IT Redeem can help you dispose of them in eco-friendly way, so you can satisfy all legal requirements and regulations.

IT Redeem Systems is oriented on the niche market for IT equipment that outlives its first owner, so we can often find a new home for your surpluses and fetch you a fair price. As you can imagine, there are quite a few prospective buyers eager to save on functional equipment, so it is all about offering the right product at the right time. You can never know exactly what you have on your hands until you check what it’s worth to someone else, so there is no harm in calling our representative and checking your options. Our professional staff will be more than glad to advice you in your best interest, giving you a clear picture of what the market would bear for the computers you have. Even if you don’t want to make money on your old hardware stockpile, you will still need to find a way to safely and legally decommission your equipment once you replace it with new computers and accessories. That’s why many companies donate their equipment to us, so we can remove all sensitive business data from computer memory and refurbish it for further use by owners who can’t afford new PC’s. That could be a case of addition by subtraction, helping you to save valuable storage space and to eliminate ancient equipment off your business books before it becomes a burden. You have nothing to lose and you could gain more than you thought was possible, so contact IT Redeem today to see what’s on the table for you.

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