Sell Servers

Selling off your servers when they are no longer profitable is the best thing you can do, particularly if the price is right.

Purchasing and maintaining a server is a great financial responsibility which can become a burden if the circumstances change over time. It is irrational to keep redundant or unused servers and server equipment and let it slowly depreciate when you can cut a deal with IT Redeem and exchange the hardware for hard currency immediately. Servers are very valuable and shrewd companies are always looking to purchase functional servers with a discount, so you might be surprised to learn there is a market for something you already counted as sunk cost. IT Redeem Systems is also willing to purchase cards, motherboards, racks or other server components that you have no urgent use for, as well as your servers which need to be recycled in compliance with the WEEE Directive, which is another great chance to cash in on your forgotten assets.

Since you have a partner specialised for this kind of jobs in IT Redeem, unloading your old servers doesn’t require any prolonged effort or excessive drama. It takes just a simple phone call or e-mail to set up an appointment and arrange for servers to be taken over by our skilful technicians at whatever location suits your business needs. All things considered, you will be careless to let this golden opportunity slip away, because those servers are slowly losing value bit by bit every day. Don’t let your equipment go to waste, contact IT Redeem today and capitalise on our service while the time is right.

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